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News 07-02-2009
The hardware topology has been fully worked out. The design is now frozen for the further work. Notable changes are the limitation to one peripheral network pro CAN node and the possibility of a RF gateway. Limiting to one peripheral network allows for the use of the same hardware in every node. The RF gateway is needed to address not connected appliances, e.g. a radiator valve.
>News 25-01-2009
The pre-alpha status was added to the project. Have a look on our website to discover the topology in the design tab. Check out also the downloads area to have a look at some source for the router.
>News 17-01-2009
Our website is there. Have a look around and enjoy...
>News 12-01-2009
The project is registered @ Sourceforge. So we are up and running, have a glass of champagne with us, cheers!
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