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Get lysis at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads
All lysis software is given with the GPL v2 license.
OpenWrt transforms your router into a formula 1 machine.
ATMEL microcontrollers are the nicest for very low level control.
Wikipedia has a comprehensive article on CAN-bus.
VSCP is a very simple control protocol and it is open.
Dallas Semiconductor manufactures the iButton and other 1-Wire devices.
Asterisk is an open source PBX software.
Control your PC over bluetooth with anyRemote.
Cambridge Audio has very good amps with RS232 control.
Adobe has cool Flex technology for browsers interacting with a server.
Wikipedia on X10.
EATON improved X10 with Xanura.
Velleman domotics uses VELBUS as a CAN-bus implementation.
AMD produces the energy efficient Athlon 4850e.
DYNDNS is a free dynaminc DNS service.
Download a free copy of the first edition Asterisk book.
Gizmo offers a free voip service.
Find voip provider configurations here.
Danfoss has wireless radiator control over Z-wave.
Silverstone has beautifull HTPC cases at a good price.
Gigabyte and Asus ship AM2+ motherboards with energy efficient chipsets.
ONE-NET is an open source wireless control protocol.
The 8051 microcontroller is still there after 30 years.
Want to make your own hardware? Have a look at the geda suite!
The DS80C400 is a 8051 drop-in with 1-Wire master, ful CAN interface and ethernet.
KEF has a tradition of making fine speakers. Quality does not always mean expensive, these C-series are easy on the pocket.
REL Acoustics pioneers the road for sub-bass systems in the home theater.
TNT-Audio is a good place to start for diy hifi interconnects.
Here is all the info you need for compiling OpenWrt packages.
When you plan your linux move, take a look at Debian first.
Corsair makes this PSU, beautifully finished and with 80+ consumption rating.
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