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The name 'lysis' comes from ancient Greek where it means separation, as a radical it can be found in many words, eg. analysis. Lysis is also a work of Plato about friendship. It refers to the project as a way of handling many different networks to provide full end user experience.
In a few words, all software on this site is open and has to stay open. Details of the license can be found here. Note that GPL version 2 is adopted. Again in a few words, it is a pure software license.
We are now in development status 2, known as 'pre-alpha'. That means we are thinking. The beer in front of the keyboard is still there, but we have now also some code on the screen.
Well, for many reasons! Starting with the fact that it will run faster when the modem has no nat translation to do. Furthermore it means that the router will get the public IP, that makes live a lot easyer for asterisk handling sip calls. But also easyer for you, you can simply forget the modem when programming.
You have a receiver capable of fully handling HDMI audio, i.e. not only switching? Good, then you're done. This is the cable you need.
If not, forget about the regular digital outs such as S/PDIF optical or coaxial. They are simply not fast enough. Do not despair, there is no reason why a good analog interlink should be inferior. Have a look at TNT-Audio for making them yourself.
With a 5.1 receiver, you can connect the 'side' jack to your monitor speakers. You will have sound when browsing the internet without the receiver powered on. Do not forget to turn them off when playing surround.
Want to know that you connected all in the right place? Try the command 'speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6', this will send white noise to every speaker indicating where it outputs.
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