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Welcome to the home of lysis
The lysis project is working on a features rich home automation system that ranges from CAN-bus, 1-wire and RF up to a home theater PC. Both hardware and software are addressed to make the really smart home. The domotics will provide energy saving, comfort, safety and flexibility.
Latest news
The hardware topology has been fully worked out. The design is now frozen for the further work. Notable changes are the limitation to one peripheral network pro CAN node and the possibility of a RF gateway. Limiting to one peripheral network allows for the use of the same hardware in every node. The RF gateway is needed to address not connected appliances, e.g. a radiator valve.
What is now on the table?
Some circuits are showing up in the Electronics tab, high time to build the UV box for building them.
What has been done in the last days?
With the configuration system more or less defined, there is also an idea on the specification for the microcontrollers. Altough not really a tight fit, the DS80C400/410 was chosen for its ethernet capability, love to play around with that...
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